Your wedding

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    Planning your wedding is such a personal thing and it is SO important that you feel the people who are providing services for you understand how you would like it to be and your expectations in general.

    This page was prompted by a lovely busy bride, who lives and works in London and with whom we worked closely. She appreciated knowing what she could expect from us before the day and how much she could totally hand over to us or ask us to do in the hectic run up to her Spring wedding.

    Once you have decided that you would like to discuss your wedding with Paperwhite Flowers just contact us or leave us your details so that we can contact you.

    • We will arrange an initial meeting with you to discuss your ideas and thoughts for your wedding; this can be at the venue you have chosen for your celebration. It is at this stage that you will hopefully decide you would like to have Paperwhite Flowers as your dedicated wedding Florist.
    • A deposit of £250 is then required to secure the date.
    • We may meet a few times (whatever is necessary to get it all perfect) and then once you are totally happy, we will give you a detailed quote for all the elements you have chosen for your wedding. You are still able to adjust this at any time.
    • We will keep in touch with the venue to ensure that we are aware of any changes or specific requirements, and that they are aware of what we are planning to do on your behalf.
    • We will always visit the church/wedding ceremony venue as well as the reception venue, and make sure every detail has been carefully considered from a practical point of view as well as making it look beautiful, so that your wedding is seamless and perfect.
    • Coordinating the colours or theme of your wedding is really important so that it really feels like your day. It is quite a task along with everything else you have to think of and is something that we have a lot of experience in, so … if you need us to help, we can.
    • We will stay in touch with you throughout the lead up to your wedding and, if you need us to, can help you source all the extra little style touches that MAKE your wedding. We can also recommend many different services in which we have every confidence such as photographers, caterers, cakes suppliers, musicians, nanny services, gift services. . . .
    • Equally you may know exactly what you would like and just need us to bring it to life.

    Whatever your needs are for this exciting day in your lives, we hope this will be helpful to you and look forward to hearing from you.